Hydrogen Leak Detector Inficon / Sensistor 9012 XRS

Leak detector

Portable hydrogen leak detector for checking and detecting leaks. Uses forming gas as tracer gas. (leak gas)

The better alternative for leak testing with eg water bath, soaking, ultrasonic or helium in overpressure.

(Forming gas = 5% H2 with 95% N2). Leak detector responds to the hydrogen component.

This standard gas mixture is 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Of course, the 9012 xrs leak detector can also be used to detect H2 leaks.


leak detection

Sensor 9012 xrs

Robust splash-proof design including bag with carrying strap and hip belt.

Very fast response and recovery time. (< 1 sec)

State of the art Sensistor H2 sensor technology

No cross sensitivity ! (100% hydrogen selective)

With the optional soil probe, underground leaks can be detected up to 3-4 meters deep.


Sensitivity: 0,5 ppm H2 in air (1 x 10-7 Mbarl/s)
Response time: <1 sec.
Battery capacity: Approx. 13
Dimensions: 260 x 220 x 95 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg.
Cross-Sensitive: No
Rent: Ja

Additional information

The most sold trace gas leak detector. The #1 leak detector used by professional leak detection companies.

Uses the unique Sensistor sensor technology.

There is no faster, more sensitive, more selective and more reliable!


  • Manufacturing
  • RAC
  • Installers
  • Leak detection companies
  • Process industry
  • Universities
  • Hydrogen applications

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